Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Stop Listening to the Teachers' Union! Listen to Parents!": Miss Eyre Agrees

I sure do love that ad that keeps playing on NY1 every morning while I'm trying to catch the traffic report. You know, "Stop listening to the teachers' union! Listen to parents!", that one? It brightens my Cheerios in the wee hours before I leave for my cushy union-protected public school job in my fifteen-year-old car to a school in which I am down to my last ream of student-donated copy paper before I have to go and buy my own. In fact, I AGREE.

What is the union saying right now that we'd want the city or the state to pay attention to? Not much, from the looks of things. So it's not going to make much difference if the government makes it official that they're not listening.

I guess that ad has just grown on me, you know?
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