Thursday, April 08, 2010

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a (High School) Match

It was a pretty nice first day back after spring break for Miss Eyre, especially when you consider that (a) it was over 90 degrees today; (b) the Powers That Be in their infinite wisdom have a policy that bases air-conditioning turn-on upon a CALENDAR DATE rather than a TEMPERATURE THRESHOLD; and (c) my kids were absolutely zooey because they wanted to do nothing except talk about getting their high school results. Rather than fight this too hard, I encouraged it, a little, because I was as curious as anyone and it didn't seem worth it to ride them too hard.

Most of the news was good. Quite a few of my kiddies got into their first-choice schools, so they were happy. I personally feel reasonably confident that most of them will be content and successful where they're going, so all's well that ends well.

But it was a rough day for one of my girls. Just one. Because she didn't get matched to a school.

This happened last year, too, and the girl to whom it happened last year was a very good student who was DEVASTATED when she got no match. So if anyone DOE higher-ups or even just longer-thans who read this blog want to explain to me how it happens, I would be super-grateful, because I don't understand how a kid DOESN'T GET MATCHED TO A SCHOOL. Like, AT ALL.
I've tried to have the guidance counselor at my school explain it to me, but really, I don't understand how a kid can put TWELVE choices for a school and not get matched to ANY of them. Especially not when the kid has an 85-plus average and is all 3s and 4s on state exams. Who came up with the system?

My poor unmatched gal this year took it a lot better, or at least she held it together until the end of the day--I guess I don't know for sure. But this system seems to kind of suck in a lot of ways. I've always worried about the pressure on some kids, and what a mess it is for the kids who don't get a match in the main round. So am I missing something here? Can someone tell me why I shouldn't be totally confused and outraged?
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