Friday, April 30, 2010

Kinetic Hallucinations

Am I getting old?  Am I losing my mind?  These are thoughts I entertain on a fairly regular basis and I don't know why.  I mean, if I'm not getting old I must be dead, and I haven't read my name in the obituaries.  On the other hand, I don't actually read the obituaries, so how would I know?  As for losing my mind, of course, if that were happening I'd probably be in no condition to judge anyway. 

Nonetheless, here's what's happening.  I have a little cell phone that I leave on vibrate.  But sometimes I feel the vibrations when they aren't there!  I reach for the phone but it's not moving at all.   This has been happening for months, and seems sufficient cause to question my sanity.  Still, I'm not seeing pink elephants.  I don't hear voices asking me to perform brutal acts of violence, though I seem to hear announcements in my classroom at the same time each day. 

But yesterday I was with a group of students outside the trailer, waiting for the bell, and I thought to bring it up.  After all, who knows more about cell phones than kids?  They all have iPhones and Sidekicks while I have some 30-dollar plastic piece of junk.  Now this seems unfair to me because I have a job and they don't.   Nonetheless, I mentioned the vibrations.

"I know, right?" asked one girl.

"That happens to me all the time," said another.

And a few more kids began to discuss this odd phenomenon.  Why does this happen?  Are we all crazy?  Is it something in the air?

They can't figure it out, and in some ways I can't either.  But I know one thing--these kids are far too young to be senile.  So I have to consider this day a small victory.

But who knows what tomorrow may bring?
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