Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crazy Is as Crazy Does

I'm not altogether upset when kids call me crazy.  In fact, I like it.  It's good if kids don't know precisely what to expect from you.  It keeps them on their toes, and keeps them from falling asleep more often than not.  It also makes them think twice before acting out in your class.

Sometimes, though, the kids make an accusation and back it up with evidence.  It's one thing when they just casually toss names about, but when they back them up, well, then it's harder to argue.

One kid, a former student of mine, was talking to my colleague and got into a lively discussion of who was the craziest teacher in the school.  Naturally, my colleague advocated for himself.  But the young woman was having none of it.

"Mr. Educator is the craziest teacher in the school," said she.

"Why?" asked my jealous colleague.

"Because he made all of us speak only English," she replied.  "And none of us knew how to speak English."

Game, set, and match.
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