Saturday, March 20, 2010

Teacher Hangs Obama

It's hard to imagine the frustration people would feel if they, along with their entire staff, were fired, as was the case in Central Falls, Rhode Island.  Even tougher is having the President for whom they voted announce, great, I'm glad you're all fired. I certainly hope no one reading this ever has to experience it.  Apparently one teacher over there saw fit to hang Obama in effigy in his classroom  The friendly local teacher union condemned this action. 

I don't suppose the classroom is the best place for such an action.  Still, I understand the anger that person feels.  What do you do with anger like that?  You have to channel it productively somehow, somewhere.

It's hard to believe so many of us voted for a guy who's so thoroughly bought into the "reform" Kool-Aid. It's true, perhaps, that its the other way around and the "reformers" have actually bought Barack Obama.  Either way we're stuck with a guy, ostensibly a Democrat, whose policies are no better than those of GW Bush.  Can we get him to read Diane Ravitch's book, or is he too busy jumping to answer Bill Gates' memos?

And the answer  is a tough one.  After the Democrats take a bath in November, it's likely he'll move even further to consolidate all the counter-productive idiotic positions that alienate reliable liberals like many of us.  It's not enough that he be trounced in 2012--he needs to lose a primary to someone who supports working people, who opposes the wars Obama claimed to oppose, who supports real health care reform, who will pass the Employee Free Choice Act, and who will worry about helping Americans, even if they don't happen to be billionaires.

If not, we'll need a third party, a distinctly uphill project in America.

Whatever we do, it will require a lot of work from us.  It certainly won't be accomplished in our classrooms.
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