Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New York Is Better Than New Jersey

Well, it stands to reason, doesn't it?  It's pretty much universally acknowledged by the folks on the proper side of the river.  Yet they take exception in Hohokus and elsewhere.

Well, last week I was in one of those Turnpike stops in Jersey where they sell the sunglasses and the crappy food, and after I washed my hands I was met by a paper towel dispenser that automatically distributed me maybe four inches of paper.  I had to place my hand in front of the sensor at least twice before I could get enough to actually dry my hands.

Today, on the NY State Thruway, after washing my hands, I got a real piece of towel from one of those machines, and didn't need to jump up and down waving my hands for more.   In fact, at another Thruway stop, there were automatic machines, making everything green and saving the need for using paper at all.

And now we're in Canada, in a picturesque location.  For details, just watch this:

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