Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Ms. Herbert was teaching her class, when she heard a girl crying outside.  She went out to see what was the matter.  The girl was hysterical, but her English was not all that good.  She was dressed in a gym suit, and what she was doing on the second floor was anybody's guess  Ms. Herbert asked her where her clothes were.

"Clothes in locker," repeated the girl, and cried and cried.

"Why don't you get them?" asked Ms. Herbert.

"No can open," said the girl.  Then she cried some more.

Ms, Herbert didn't think she could let the girl go, so she brought her into her classroom and called an administrator who spoke the girl's language.

"Why can't you open the locker?" asked the administrator.

"I don't know the combination," said the girl.

"Why not?"

"It's my friend's," she said.

"What's her name?" asked the administrator.

"I don't know!" said the girl, and she began crying all over again.  The administrator called down to the phys. ed. office, which had a master key.

"What locker is it?" he asked her.

I don't KNOW!" she answered, and began crying even louder.

At that point she saw a kid walking by in the hall, ran out, and after a brief conversation, came back with a cell phone number.  They called the girl, her friend whose name she did not know, and got her to come back and open up the locker.

And the moral of today's story is this--don't leave all your stuff in the locker of a friend whose name you do not know, particularly if you can't remember where the locker is.

As I go forth on my merry way, I will try to bear that in mind.
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