Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Teachers Are No Joke

I know very few jokes in Spanish. But I learned this one yesterday, seriously expanding my repertoire. It's not a pun like the others--so I'll give it to you in English:

How can you tell a good lawyer?

Well, there are tests.  First, throw a cat at him.  If the cat runs away, that means he's a dog.

The next day, throw another cat at him.  If the cat attacks him, that means he's a rat.

So if he's a dog and a rat, that means he's a good lawyer, and you should hire him immediately.

I'm not altogether certain that's a good lawyer, but the tabloids seem to adore those qualities in a mayor.

Still, it's funny how no one can figure out what makes a good teacher.  Test scores?  I don't know.  Some of the very best teachers I know work with kids who will never get good test scores.  I've taught special ed. and quickly learned I wasn't much good at it.  I have great respect for people who go in day after day and teach those kids.  It takes a special kind of person.

Such people are not appreciated at all by certain troglodytes who write about education.   It's sad that the writers are taken seriously, while the teachers are condemned for failing to make brain-damaged children pass Regents exams and graduate in four years.
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