Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What Every Kid Needs

We're in Canada because in December you just can't get enough snow. My teenage daughter and her cousin are glued to an Xbox 360, playing some of the most deplorable games I've ever seen. My three-year-old nephew watches, fascinated by some of the most inappropriate viewing matter for a kid his age I've ever seen. It's not my house, and apparently that's the way things are done here. I object and he gets moved for five minutes, and when I leave he'll get all he wants, so why bother?

Yesterday, they were finally playing a game that looked like something the little kid could watch. They were in snowmobiles, steering their way down a mountain or something. Finally, I thought, they're playing a game that's a game. But then they pulled out pistols and began trying to kill each other again.

My daughter now wants an Xbox 360. I only hope she's prepared to sit while she waits. I'm not all that enthusiastic about these games where everyone runs around killing everyone else. On the other hand, when I was a teenager, I'd probably have liked it just as much as they did. Who needs Space Invaders when you can have military-grade weapons and shoot at what appears to be real people? And in the privacy of your own home without paying a quarter.

Kids today have everything, and it frightens me to imagine what they're going to have tomorrow.
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