Monday, December 21, 2009

Building on Success

Mayor-for-life Bloomberg is so happy with the grading system in schools he's decided to apply it to restaurants as well. After all, one baseless and inaccurate system is never enough. Perhaps we'll find out whether the Fettuccine Alfredo made adequate yearly progress or remained where it was last year. Is 55% a passing grade for a meatball this year, or does it need to hit 65 right away?

And what about foreign food? Will your arroz con pollo get a pass this year, or will they demand it learn English immediately? Can it compete with chicken and rice? Only the mayor knows for sure. One great thing about this system is they made up the grades before actually enacting it.

The city says if it gave grades now, about 30 percent would qualify for an "A," 40 percent would get a "B" and 26 percent would get a "C."

So we don't have to bother with high-stakes tests. It's so much more efficient to assign grades now and do the tests later.
The old slap a label on each stair, dump the papers, and give them whatever grade they fall on. I've never actually tried that, but this administration has just the personnel to get it done.

And since they actually do it with schools, why not restaurants? The only question is who's next. You can rule out hedge fund managers and sports stadium owners, but that doesn't narrow it down a whole lot.

Thanks to A.S.
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