Monday, October 19, 2009

Mr. Bloomberg Demonstrates His Economic Expertise

Mayor-for-life Bloomberg has economic knowledge that we lowly plebians lack. That's why he overturned term limits so he could continue his reign. When money is scarce, it's important to get your financial house in order, and who knows better how to do that than the richest man in New York City?

So naturally, the mayor-for-life needs to find ways to save. One way is by firing a bunch of school aides. As Mayor-for-life Bloomberg loves to point out in his multi-million dollar ad campaigns, it's all about jobs. That's why he's eliminating so many of them for working people in the midst of the worst economic downturn in most of our living memories. By putting hundreds of New Yorkers out of work with no health benefits, the mayor can save about 13 million bucks.

What will he do with that money? Well, the New York Post reports he will be paying custodians 50,000 bucks each to lock and unlock playgrounds. That exceeds the $20,000 salaries of DoE aides by a considerable sum. In fact, the total expenditure for all this locking and unlocking will be 14 million, one million more than the salaries of the school aides. In Mayor Bloomberg's New York, it's all about jobs, and keeping them out of the hands of those who most need them.

I'd suggest the city hire the aides back and get them to lock and unlock the gates, but I'm not an indispensable expert like the mayor. I'm sure his system is much better planned, and there are many tangible benefits of having hundreds of low-paid working people out of work. Doubtless, it makes a lot of sense to pay 50,000 bucks to make custodians lock and unlock doors, rather than give jobs to hundreds of people. I'm simply not sophisticated enough to figure out why.

Perhaps we'll see this explained in the next campaign commercial.
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