Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Love Is in the Lunchtime Air

It was another fun-filled lunchtime in Miss Eyre's classroom. There were more helpers and hangers-on than usual, because it was damp and chilly outside and no one wanted to go out and play handball or shoot hoops.

Drew and Jack were there, as well as Caroline and a few of the other usual lunchtime suspects. Miss Eyre, as usual, was playing some tunes and her helpers and hangers-on were very interested on what her musical taste might say about her. Drew complimented her taste in hip-hop and began rapping along with a song.

Caroline commented, "I don't like rap."

"What do you like?" Miss Eyre asked her.

"I like Paramore and Evanescence and Linkin Park," she said with a toss of her long dark hair.

Jack, the Linkin Park fan, perked up. Jack is a cutie-pie boy, with big dark brown eyes and a thatch of unruly dark brown hair and the sweetest, dimpliest smile. Caroline is a pretty girl and as good of a student as Jack is a not-so-good one. "You like Linkin Park?" Jack asked excitedly.

"Yeah," Caroline said, eyeing him warily.

"Hey, now you two have something to talk about the next time you have lunch together," Miss Eyre suggested, flashing Jack an encouraging smile. He blushed.

"Um, no, not really," Caroline retorted, spinning around to pack up her bookbag.


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