Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Break Out the Rubber Stamps

Mayor Bloomberg's Panel for Educational Policy came together this month. They made certain that uppity Patrick J. Sullivan, who disagrees with the Mayor-for-life, did not attain any position of value. Instead, they chose reliable hacks who'd continue doing whatever the mayor said, whenever the mayor said to.

Fortunately, several members have 6 and 7 figure contracts with the city, and would never imperil these contracts simply to help out the little guttersnipes who populate the foul public schools the mayor has thus far managed to ignore or subvert, depending on what comes more easily. And there's a great perk to being in the mayor's pocket--you need not bother reading all those nasty contracts before approving them.

Apparently some people thought things might be different. Perhaps those people were referring to the color of the walls. It's hard to say, now that we've discovered the reason Chancellor Klein couldn't tear himself away from that Blackberry during meetings--apparently he once scored almost five million points on a very important videogame.

Maybe that's why he hasn't found time to look into trivial issues like overcrowding or class size.
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