Saturday, August 01, 2009

Sim School

Joanne Jacobs just posted something about Sim School, and how it's increasing confidence among would-be teachers.

Here's my comment:

I think it would be fun to play with Sim School. But I don’t think any computer program could approximate human behavior, especially human teenage behavior. I’d caution these teachers about feeling confident after having played a game. I’m certain nothing designed for a mass market could include actual behaviors you’d be likely to encounter in a public school.

But I could be wrong, having passed judgment without even looking at the actual game. I'm on vacation, so naturally I have no time to play games. I'm very busy watching Food Party.

But if anyone out there is intrepid enough to actually play the game, please feel free to share your experiences. Should we have saved all that money we wasted on grad school, and just played Sim School instead?
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