Sunday, August 16, 2009

Teachers Slated for Raise--Murdoch Horrified

The New York Post says the city has allocated 8% in raises for teachers over the next two years. Their fair and balanced headline states, "Spoiling 'em Rotten."

DC37 has established a pattern of 8% over two years, and we've historically followed the pattern. In fact, the arbitration board, foolishly recruited by the UFT in in 05, suggested it was necessary to follow the pattern. This info, inexplicably, did not make it into the Post article.

Were former part-time UFT President Randi Weingarten's columns supporting mayoral control a quid pro quo? A lot of people I've spoken with think so. One question--if the reward is the pattern we were gonna get anyway, why did we need to put up the quid? Shouldn't our quid be worth something extra?

Thanks to 12 More Years
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