Saturday, August 29, 2009


That's who NYC principals are hiring, according to the NY Times. The imperial principal, enabled by the disastrous 05 contract, doesn't need any stinking veteran teachers, and would rather leave positions vacant. They can, apparently, do cute things like hire newbies as day-to-day subs and give them programs anyway.

This has a twofold benefit--the newbies are pretty much under the principal's thumb with no options whatsoever, and the city doesn't have to bother with fripperies like health coverage. Under the weather? Drop dead for all they care.

It's "Children First" in NYC, and that's precisely the sort of job this administration wants our children to be competing for.

The real benefit, of course, is PR. Every ineffective fix to the ATR mess gives the chancellor another opportunity to say, "You see? These people are no good. That's why no one is hiring them." As Chaz pointed out the other day, the chancellor has always wanted to simply get rid of these veteran teachers.

Things are tough for working people nowadays, and Mayor-for-Life Bloomberg, despite his pretty words about jobs, is determined to make them even worse. It brings new relevance to the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times."
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