Thursday, August 27, 2009

It’s Back to School Time! Let the Mass Whipping Begin!

by special guest blogger North Brooklyn

The New Yorker leads the charge this school year with the essay; The Rubber Room, the battle over New York City’s worst teachers. A typically long piece [I swear The New Yorker still pays its writers by the word], I would suggest everyone in the system read it; but since most of us are in the process of organizing, planning, and setting up our classrooms I’ve decided to do all of you a solid and publish this summary:

All NYC teachers are bad people. Some of them get caught being bad people. The poopy old UFT insists on due process. The taxpayer loses because the poopy old UFT insists on due process. The DOE is the avenging angel [the only government agency on the planet who really cares-a change from the usual line from The New Yorker which usually claims that all government agencies/individuals are bad-except for Obama]. O.K., maybe, sometimes, the DOE is just trying to get a teacher to quit. [The New Yorker being balanced].

It’s the NY Post dressed up in liberalese.

The Rubber Room is a horrible place for a human being. The NYCDOE holds all the cards and the NYCDOE legal department has no intention of putting them down on the table; until they are forced to by the UFT and the case goes to arbitration.

If the NYCDOE wants to empty out the Rubber Rooms, save the long-suffering taxpayer from the waste of millions of dollars a year and-hey here’s a thought--divert the money to providing smaller class size--they can.

The UFT legal department is ready.

The accused is ready.

The NYCDOE legal department is not ready.

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