Monday, August 03, 2009

It's All About the Children

The Wall Street Journal is again promoting the myth that teacher unions hinder children. Apparently, the union forced KIPP to pay its teachers 33% more than public school teachers, just because they have a union contract! And KIPP, out of the goodness of its corporate heart, already pays them 18% more! But the Journal forgot to mention that the teachers work 33% more time. Probably an oversight. A clever blogger suggests a solution--have them work a "professional day" like Green Dot NY--then they can work as much as the bosses wish without any compensation at all!

Not only that, but those awful unions are keeping parents from hiring non-unionized paraprofessionals simply because they're getting paid 12 rather than 24 dollars an hour (aside from receiving no benefits and not being fingerprinted for criminal records).

Don't these horrible unions know that it's absolutely necessary to provide jobs with long hours and little compensation? That way we can be sure our children will get jobs like that when they grow up. And what parent doesn't want their kids to work endless hours for little pay and few benefits?

On behalf of kids everywhere, thanks, Wall Street Journal.
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