Tuesday, August 25, 2009

City Math and Reading Scores Drop, Tweed Declares "Reforms" are Working

NY 1 reports that city SAT scores in math and reading have taken a dip. City officials were quick to explain that when scores go down, it means nothing whatsoever, except perhaps that those lazy shiftless teachers are spending even more time with their feet up on a desk doing nothing.

When scores go up, however, all credit is due to our Dear Leader, the Honorable Mayor-for-Life Michael Bloomberg, glory be to his name. In fact, AP scores went up, a further indication that Mayor-for-Life Bloomberg is doing a fantastic job!

So don't forget, folks, to get out there and vote for Mayor Bloomberg, who trashed the term limits you voted on (twice) just to give you this opportunity!

Remember, when things go wrong, it's not his fault! When they improve, it means the mayor is indispensable! That's what we call "accountability" here in fun city.

Thanks to Adam!
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