Monday, August 10, 2009

Charter School Deems Kid Too Dangerous to Be Around Students or Faculty, Sends Him to Public School

Jaleel was expelled from Cesar Chavez Public Charter School for, of all things, threatening to kill a teacher. Naturally, all parties involved were horrified. You can't just go around threatening to kill teachers. It could disrupt the instructional process, for one thing. Plus, if you're in a trailer (like I am) you'd have a body lying around for who knows how long, the AC could be on the fritz, and it could provoke all sorts of unanticipated inconveniences.

So what can you do with a kid like that? Call the authorities? Have him hauled away in handcuffs? Get a restraining order, at least? No. If you're a "public charter school," you just dump him into a real public school, and the problem is solved. After all, you don't have to deal with it anymore, and you can get back to the business of educating the kids who don't bother you too much.

After all, why bother with kids like Jaleel? They take up your valuable time, can negatively affect your statistics, and don't appreciate the value of private citizens soaking up public money. Better to dump him into a real public school and have it vilified for doing a terrible job with the kids it cannot pick and choose.
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