Thursday, July 30, 2009

Morning in New York

Controller Bill Thompson just nixed a bunch of no-bid contracts from Tweed. So several computer consultants will miss out on quarter-mil salaries. Actually they're not as good as they sound, since they're required to kick back half to the companies Bloomberg and Klein make their sweetheart deals with.

The DoE is trashing Thompson for playing politics. "Playing politics" is the expression Bloomberg's minions use to indicate anything at odds with the philosophy of the mayor-for-life, who's doggedly insisted on controlling education with no checks and balances, despite the pathetic results obvious to anyone who looks beyond the op-ed pages of the newspapers.

It's actually a good sign that Bloomberg's people are getting this vicious this early. When you're way ahead and you know it, you run a cheery campaign like Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" and let your opponent flail uselessly in the wind.

Having spent 36 million before the campaign has actually started, the results are not as rosy as Mayor Mike would wish, as Mr. Talk pointed out yesterday. Perhaps the sun will come up in Fun City next November. That would be a nice change after eight years of PR specifically designed to block it from our view.
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