Friday, June 12, 2009

The UFT Survey

In an effort to ensure two-way accountability, the UFT is having members fill out a survey rating Tweed, even as part-time UFT President Randi Weingarten pens missives in the New York Post heartily endorsing the mayoral control the teachers will surely criticize. Now me, I vote every chance I get, whether or not I think it will be effective, so I went to the website and took the survey. I urge all my colleagues to do so as well, and let Ms. Weingarten know precisely how enthusiastic you are about the mayoral control she holds so dear.

Not that it will make a difference.

I filled out the survey pretty much the way all UFT members will, except for the first question. It said something like, "Tweed has a clear vision of what it wants for schools." I had to strongly agree. Tweed wants to close them all down and re-open them as charter schools, so folks like Eva Moskowitz can receive high salaries for employing non-union, at-will employees, who get less pay and fewer benefits than unionized employees.

Naturally, if there are more non-union, at-will employees with fewer benefits, our children can grow up to a world of non-union, at-will jobs with few benefits. It's "Children First" in Fun City, and there's no doubt Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Klein have a well-honed vision of what they want for our children.

If only Ms. Weingarten would wake up and oppose them...but I must be dreaming out loud again.
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