Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She's For It

No, she's against it.

Well, part-time UFT President Randi Weingarten wrote in the New York Post that it's OK for Mayor Mike to keep his majority on the rubber-stamp PEP. After all, Shelly Silver was for it, so it must be OK.

So let's tinker with it a little, maybe give Mayor Bloomberg's rubber stamps fixed terms, and that way they'll fool us into thinking they aren't rubber stamps. Only problem is--Shelly Silver's plan doesn't even call for fixed terms. Silver thinks that placing a couple of parents who can be fired at the mayor's caprice will somehow make the board more democratic.

Checks and balances? For the richest man in NYC? That just won't do.

So now Ms. Weingarten says teachers should be their own checks and balances. By completing a survey she sponsors, which will clearly change nothing, Ms. Weingarten feels teacher voices are heard?

By whom, Ms. W.? And if it didn't change anything last year, what makes you feel this year will be different?

Your members overwhelmingly oppose mayoral control, even as you sing its praises. By failing to oppose it at inception, and failing to oppose its renewal, you directly betray them.


We need a leader who will stand up and speak for us. We need a leader who will stand up and fight for us.

What we have is a leader who gets behind billionaire despots who'd just as soon push us all into the sea as look at us. No wonder fewer than 25% of working teachers even bother to vote in union elections. They're cynical.

And with good reason.
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