Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Ms. Weingarten Loves Mr. Bloomberg

It's a match made in heaven, but oh, the drama of these love triangles. Even as union-basher Rod Paige still smolders with pure love for part-time UFT President Randi Weingarten, Mayor Mike's charisma is more than she can resist. That's why Ms. Weingarten is declaring mayoral control is something we can all get behind.

After all, without mayoral control, how could we have closed all those schools, condemning hundreds of teachers to the ATR brigades to wander for years searching for a teaching job? How else could we have negotiated a contract that won us August punishment days, perpetual hall patrol, 90-day unpaid suspensions based on unsubstantiated allegations, and best of all, an explosion of people in rubber rooms for no particular reason?

It's Spring, the birds are singing, and all is good with the world. And just in case anyone doubts Ms. Weingarten's sincerity, the ultra-right wing, anti-teacher, anti-labor New York Post is singing her praises. "Right On Randi!" they declare.

That's because the New York Post is sick and tired of union leaders that run around asking for more money and better working conditions for its members. It's about time we got a union leader who supported a mayor with an agenda that includes undermining public education with school closings and charter schools that invariably get preferential treatment. How often do you get a union leader willing to partner up with a chain like Green Dot, that offers teachers neither tenure nor seniority privileges?

Only the visionary Ms. Weingarten would do something like that. And Ms. Weingarten is probably the only part-time union leader even The New York Post could love.

Thanks to Schoolgal

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