Thursday, May 28, 2009

What Makes Shelly Run?

God bless Democrats. If it weren't for Democrats, we'd have no one to blame but Republicans every time some bonehead went out and did something patently idiotic. Fortunately, we have politicians from both side of the aisle who are equally tone-deaf to the needs of the people. That's why NY Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver supports mayoral control, with a few superfluous revisions that will ultimately mean nothing whatsoever.

Silver's plan, presented along with Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Catherine Nolan (D-Queens), would not mandate set terms for panel members...

So essentially, if any of his appointees were to disagree with Mayor-for-life Bloomberg, he could fire them before they actually voted. The big change Mr. Silver proposes is that two of the eight members the mayor would choose would have to be parents. Thus, if Mr. Bloomberg were to fire a parent, he'd have to replace that parent with another who agrees with him. Of course, the chancellor would no longer chair the PEP, so someone else would have to wield the rubber stamp.

And, of course, the chancellor would have some very demanding duties:

The schools chancellor...would be required to visit each school district every two years.

Boy, that will really burn the rubber off those limo tires. You mean the chancellor would have to visit the schools he adminsters once every two years? Or at least the districts they're in? Does that mean they can stop for sandwiches or do they actually have to set foot in a school? And what if there are no good sandwich places nearby?

Doubtless the chancellor is quaking in his Florsheims.

A better idea, of course, would be to have people like Mayor Bloomberg themselves compelled to patronize the schools they run--let's dump him and require the next mayor have kids in the schools. Let's require the next chancellor have kids in the schools.

Because until we do that, what we have is very much akin to a billionaire residing in California governing New York. Why should he give a damn about things happening so far away?
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