Thursday, May 07, 2009

What Dogs Hear

I've always loved this Far Side cartoon. When I was a kid, I used to watch Lassie. Timmy would look at that collie, and say, "What's that, Lassie? Mr. Wilson is stuck in the well? Get help?"

It never really made sense to me. I grew up around dogs, and could they really all be that stupid compared to the dog on TV? It just didn't seem possible. I mean, sure, they spent their days looking for the sunniest place in the house, finding a nice comfortable position and sleeping, but really, didn't that indicate they were smarter than we were?

Of course, in those days, the guy who lived across the street from me worked at the Taystee Bread factory, and managed to support himself, his wife, and five children on his salary. And he owned a home on that salary alone.

Now he'd be living in a tree, and doubtless a tree in an undesirable neighborhood. You can barely get by on a blue-collar job nowadays, and with one income, forget about owning your own home or spending any time with your family. And now the hedge-fund managers, the ones who contribute nothing whatsoever to society but live off those who produce something, want to bring their magic touch, the same touch that left our economy in the toilet, to education.

Honestly, I can't figure why people are saying, "Let's make things worse for teachers," instead of, "Let's make things better for ourselves and our children." But with billionaires declaring themselves education experts for no special reason, and with voices of support ranging from Barack Obama's to Randi Weingarten's chiming in with cheers, it looks like interesting times ahead for working Americans. When you look at the crap that passes for news in this country, it makes a little sense. Here are some doctored clips Fox saw fit to broadcast. Frankly, and particularly on education, I don't think the rest of MSM represents a substantive improvement.

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