Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The UFT Values Your Opinion

A teacher emailed me to tell me about a telephone call he got. Would he answer a few questions about politics and education? Of course he would, but who was calling, please?

It was some company from Arizona, and no, they couldn't provide any funding information. But the questions they asked made him suspect it wasn't Mayor Bloomberg's money machine after all:

How do you feel about Michael Mulgrew?

How do you feel about Leo Casey?

Could it be Randi Weingarten is contemplating giving up her part-time gig as leader of the largest teacher local in the country?

But then it got interesting.

How do you feel about paying for health care?

Perhaps if you pay 3% of your salary for health care, Ms. Weingarten and her crack negotiators could get us a 4% raise. Maybe if you give 4%, they could up the raise to five!

How do you feel about charter schools?

How do you feel about seniority?

If this doesn't give you an inkling what negotiations look like, I don't know what else to tell you. They also asked:

Would you like the UFT to settle before the election or after?

That's a tough question. Is it better to give up the ship now, or later? Hmmm...

Here are some questions they didn't ask:

Would you like to get back the August punishment days?

Are you tired of teaching the sixth class that is not a class?

Is potty patrol getting any less degrading?

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