Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

That's what Mayor Bloomberg promises in his latest barrage of ads. It's all about jobs. That's why he's decided not to raise taxes on the rich. After all, they don't need jobs anyway. Better to raise sales taxes and make those who've never had any money in the first place pay. So what if that costs 1200 jobs? New York is number one, and it's about time we had the highest sales tax in the region.

New Yorkers are honest folk by and by, and it would never occur to a New Yorker to shop in nearby Nassau or Darkest New Jersey. Therefore no merchants will suffer, and no more shops will go out of business. Mayor Bloomberg knows a lot about money, since he's got more of it than anyone in the city.

Another way Mayor Bloomberg is creating jobs is by telling prospective new teachers they can't have any. While this, hopefully, will finally put ATR teachers to work, I'm not convinced they're going to fill the void left by departing teachers this year. I'm also certain Mayor Bloomberg, because he puts children first, will not hesitate to make up for absent teachers by raising class sizes. After all, what's another 200 papers to mark, when you get right down to it?

However, it's not going to get potential teachers jumping up and down about the prospect of working in fun city. Still, I'm sure Mayor Mike has lots of great jobs for working people. After all, those with money are gonna have to spend it somewhere, and they'll always need people to help them out.
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