Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Darndest Things

Yesterday morning we were reviewing multiple choice questions and I called on a kid in the second row. Rather than respond, he gave me a look that indicated I had just fallen from the sky and he was not prepared to cope with that situation at this juncture. However, the young woman sitting next to him called out, "three," and he dutifully repeated it.

I asked him why he had chosen it. "Because Jessica said so," he replied.

Being a teacher, the next question was easy. "If Jessica told you to jump off the Empire State Building, would you do it?"

"Yes," he declared, with no hesitation whatsoever.

"Well," I informed him, "That would leave you dead."

Jessica then interrupted again. "No it wouldn't, Mister. Bad people don't die very fast."

I wasn't sure I'd heard right. "What do you mean?"

"God doesn't let bad people die very fast so that they don't come to heaven. He doesn't want to be with them."

Where on earth do kids get ideas like that? Have you heard that concept before? Jessica swears she made it up on the spot.

Worse, for this young woman who has no regard for him whatsoever, my student was prepared to leap from a tall building. Judging from his expression for the rest of the class (and yes, I know it's less than scientific), he still is.
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