Monday, April 20, 2009

Thank Goodness for Private Insurance Companies

Of course, there are many reasons we should be grateful. The thoughtful and reflective individual at left offers but one point of view (though I personally was not aware Mr. Frank was a medical doctor, let alone the questionable quality of the services he appears to offer). The United States now stands alone among industrialized countries as the last bastion against that awful universal health coverage that's infected our neighbors. Thank heavens for that:

An Oklahoma man who lost an eye and a leg in Iraq says the giant insurance company AIG refused to provide him a new plastic leg and fought to keep from paying for a wheelchair or glasses for the eye in which he has 30 percent vision.

It's an honor to bail out AIG, as I suppose they're finally showing precisely what they're going to save money on. And regularly enlisted soldiers ought to know that President Obama, like his predecessors, doesn't plan to waste federal money on making sure they get VA coverage either. Not only can't we cover everyone, like most countries, but we can't even cover those who've risked their lives fighting our wars.

Nonetheless, we've got billions to bail out insurance companies that nickel and dime us over whether or not they should provide us the coverage they actually get paid for.

And if you like the way AIG protects its profits, just wait until GHI-HIP is allowed to convert to "for-profit" status. Part-time UFT President Randi Weingarten thinks that's a great idea, but wants to make sure her patronage mill gets a sufficient portion of the IPO before throwing her support behind it.

So finally, we city workers can have the sort of private insurance our neighbors have. Lucky us. If you run into Ms. Weingarten, don't hesitate to thank her in advance.
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