Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Poor Rich Folks

It appears that the economic boom is causing some of our well-heeled residents to consider (gasp!) public school for their children. Now I send my kid to public school, but on the other hand I'm just a lowly teacher. So the question of whether or not I'd be spending 33 thousand bucks a year on my kid's education just never came up somehow.

So you can imagine how badly I must feel for all these people. Apparently, although they're zoned for good public schools, there may not be enough space for their kids. Gee, it's kinda too bad that Mayor Bloomberg closed all those other neighborhood schools rather than fix them. But those are the breaks for people who couldn't afford the good neighborhoods, and now they're the breaks for these poor rich folks too.

Now if you didn't move into a favorable school district, you can sublet your apartment and rent elsewhere. But it turns out that districts with better schools command higher rents. Who would've imagined a good neighborhood school made the neighborhood more desirable? Not Mayor Bloomberg. Not Joel Klein. Not any of the "reformers." They always figured important folks, like themselves, could just send their kids to elite private schools and everyone else could just go to hell. But now that rich people are going with them, they may need to take another look. They probably won't, but if they did it could be a silver lining in this economic downturn.

There is absolutely nothing that enriches a neighborhood more than a good school or three. Hopefully the voters, whose will clearly means nothing to the mayor, will select someone in November who thinks enriching neighborhoods is even more important than enriching the likes of Eva Moskowitz.

Thanks to Schoolgal
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