Wednesday, April 15, 2009

On the Road

I woke up in London, Ontario and now I'm in Hunt Valley, Maryland. I'm working pretty close to here tomorrow. On Route 15 there are five million hotels, one cheesier looking than the next. Some of them have signs advertising low rates. Others say they have clean rooms. You know you're really in the boonies when they don't bother with either. It's tough to imagine anyone with a car who'd stop for a dirty room with a high rate, but it takes all kinds.

My favorite sign, though, was the one that said this:

Borderline Beverage Distributors


Now you gotta wonder, who is thirsty enough, or desperate enough, to drink "beer?" What is it? Or have all my years as an English teacher put me out of touch with the common folk, who want to drink "beer?"

I also have a problem with people who use apostrophes to indicate plurals, though it seems less egregious when it's done at good fruit stores. Bad fruit stores are a blot on humanity, and should be destroyed, with explosives if necessary.
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