Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Obama Flu

Rush Limbaugh today explained that the swine flu epidemic occurred precisely because of our failure to elect John McCain. Limbaugh pointed out that we'd had no such epidemics for the last eight years, and that clearly the new administration had dropped the ball by failing to erect an airproof wall separating us from Mexico. Furthermore, it hadn't even established an embargo.

Over at Fox and Friends, several good-looking young hosts speculated as to what exactly it was Obama meant when he made that lipstick on a pig remark. Sure, it made headlines for a few days, but could it be he'd only put the lipstick on the pig so as to slip it past customs? After all, lots of people are the same color as pigs, so with a little sunhat who'd know the difference?

Bill O'Reilly stated he was keeping an open mind, but you had to admit schools weren't closed and cleaned when President Bush was in office. Hannity said it was most definitely Obama's fault, and to be fair and balanced, asked Colmes to present his side, momentarily forgetting that Colmes was no longer actually on the show.
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