Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everyone in the Pond!

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article which, among other things, explained just how tough it was to get by on $400,000 a year. In fact, some people make as little as a quarter-mil per annum, and their taxes may actually go up under the diabolical schemes being concocted by Barack Obama and his band of merry men (and women).

Some of them cannot afford vacation homes, and some of their Infinitis are over ten years old. Not only that, but these people actually have to pay to send their kids to college! Naturally, I'm outraged. Of course, I too will have to pay to send my kid to college, but as I make a whole lot less money than any of these folks, it will be much easier.

The people who really have it good, according to the WSJ, are the "lucky duckies" who pay no tax at all. Boy, if only I were making $12,000 a year as a Walmart associate, I could qualify. Woo-hoo! No more taxes.

Personally, I don't mind doing my bit and paying for my community, for education, for roads, for every opportunity this country has afforded my family. And I wouldn't mind paying for health care, like every other industrialized country does. Still, I feel the pain of those poor folks making two, three, and four times my income. And my feeling is this--if they feel an extra 3% is beyond the pale, let them take that job at Subway, at Walmart, at KFC, and live like the "lucky duckies."

As for the assets that encumber them so, that subject them to this unacceptable abuse, the root of all evil, I suggest they donate them to the government, off whose largess they'll be sponging. Or better yet, they can donate to my school, which needs 50 more classrooms.

After all, if the Wall Street Journal thinks it's a good idea, who am I to argue?
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