Saturday, April 18, 2009

Children First

Billionaire Mayor-for-life Michael Bloomberg is not just some windbag spending petty millions on TV commercials that promote him as a regular guy. To prove this, his innovative programs to help working New Yorkers continue. Just recently, to serve them better, he closed all the kindergartens in city day care centers. And now, to help out even more, he's going to raise class sizes in existing kindergartens.

That means we can wedge even more kids into kindergartens that already have the highest class sizes in the state. But even now, naysayers are raising their cynical concerns:

"This is totally unacceptable to me," City Council Education Committee head Robert Jackson (D-Manhattan) told reporters.

"I did not work for almost 20 years pushing the Campaign for Fiscal Equity case to get extra money to reduce class size to sit idly by and watch us move backward."

Naturally, that's nonsense. Although Mayor Bloomberg certainly accepted hundreds of millions, if not billions, to reduce class sizes, the fact is those dollars offset the cost of sports stadiums that accommodate important people willing to spend 2500 clams to see the Yankees. Shouldn't they have good seats, even if your children do not? After all, your kids don't pay 2500 bucks a day to sit in class.

In any case, there are always trailers, closets, and toxic waste sites available for your kids, and learning under those conditions will build character. And, of course, you can always play the charter school lottery, and you may even luck out and get a place for your kid in a class of 17 students, with a real classrooom and everything. You gotta be in it to win it.

Sure, the overwhelming majority of kids will be stuck in the public schools, with the oversized classes in trailers and bathrooms. But the rest of the system is in place to give huge salaries to folks like Eva Moskowitz, while promoting the kind of non-unionized workforce your kids can expect to be part of, with more work for less pay, no job protections, reduced benefits, and so much work they almost certainly won't last but a few years. This not only keeps salaries down, but also saves money for the important and inevitable renovation of sports stadiums for Mayor Bloomberg's buds.

So stop whining, work hard, and be nice.

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