Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Birthday Gift

George W. Bush was feeling a little down, what with the his polls in the toilet and everything. Laura decided to buy him an Iphone to cheer him up.

"With this doohicky, I can call you from anywhere?" asked George.

"Of course you can, George," Laura assured him.

"And I can get on the internets, too?" he asked.

"Yes George. Also there are games, and you can store photos, and do all kinds of things. I've stored my number so you can call me from wherever you are."

"Thanks, Laura," said GW. "This is the bestest birthday ever!"

A few hours later, Laura's phone rang. She picked up.

"Hi Laura. It's me, W. I'm calling you from the freeway. This thing is just great. Thanks again."

"Oh, George, be careful. I just heard on the news there's a lunatic driving the wrong way on the freeway."

"One lunatic?" said George. "Why, there are hundreds of 'em.
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