Friday, February 06, 2009

Two Smart Fellas

Ms. Languageteacher was surprised to be assigned to the Social Studies department for marking.

"Why do they want me?" she asked me. "I'm a language teacher."

Nonetheless, she went to the department as requested. "Nice to see you, Ms. Languageteacher," said the AP.

"I don't understand what I'm doing here," she said.

The AP told her they had 150 papers that had to be read completely that day. He actually had two teachers who spoke Ms. Languageteacher's language, but they were overwhelmed. He would just really appreciate it if she'd help out.

So she dutifully walked to her assignment. Mr. Knowitall, one of the marking teachers, thought this would be a good time to interrogate her on her knowledge of history. He asked her what the capital of North Dakota was, and when she didn't respond immediately told her she couldn't possibly help with the task of evaluating these essays. His partner emphatically agreed.

She reported back to the AP, who excused her and thanked her for her time. The AP then marched into Mr. Knowitall's classroom and instructed him that he and his partner would have to mark all 150 papers by themselves, that they were due at 2:00 sharp, and that heads would roll if they were not done by that time.
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