Wednesday, February 11, 2009

True Blue

Yesterday, in deference to part-time AFT President Randi Weingarten, I wore blue to school. I wore a blue suit, a blue shirt, and a blue tie. I considered wearing blue underwear, but it was dark when I got dressed, so I can't say for certain. As you know, this was to express support for the stimulus package, and waddya know, it passed.

Whew! That was a close one! Can you imagine what would've happened if I'd forgotten, and just threw on whatever clothes I had lying around on the floor?

I felt empowered. I felt alive. But then something funny happened. The administrator who complained I wasn't circulating enough while proctoring a science exam walked by, and as I looked into her eyes, she was struck by lightning right there on the second floor hallway. All that was left of her was a smoking pile of ash next to the opaque projector she spent her entire career wheeling around.

Then I encountered the custodian who filled my desk with garbage, sauntering down the hall like he owned the place (he probably does). I gave him a look, and he gave me one back. We slowly approached on another, like high noon at the OK Corral. Now I'm the sort of guy who'd run a mile to avoid a fight, but fortunately for me the custodian turned and walked right out the front door. I watched him walk to the street, where he was eaten by a pack of ravenous wild dogs.

Thank you, Ms. Weingarten, for your excellent suggestion. I'm convinced it's changed not only my life, but the entire course of history.

Extra credit: Identify the guitar genius in the photo!
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