Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Rupert Murdoch's NY Post compared President Obama to a dead chimpanzee in a cartoon on Page Six today.

I kid you not.

That's it to the left.

Now I'm sure the usual wingnut apologists like Billo the Clown, Comedian Rush Limbaugh and others will claim the cartoon is absolutely NOT racist nor is it comparing Obama to a chimp.

But those of us who live on Planet Earth know better.

That's a disgusting piece of bigotry published by Murdoch and his minions.

Not enough bad stuff can happen to Rupert Murdoch, the cartoonist himself, and the entire gang of editorial people who signed off on printing that cartoon.


The good news is, Murdoch's company, News Corp., lost $6.4 billion dollars for fiscal Q2 and started laying off employees.

Generally I don't like to see people lose their jobs, but when it comes to the venomous degenerates who work for Murdoch losing their jobs, can't say I feel too sorry for 'em.

The cartoonist who created this piece of racist crap, Sean Delonas, should definitely lose his job.

So should the editor or editors at the Post who signed off on it.

The bad news is, it probably won't happen.

But a couple more quarters like fiscal Q2 and the entire Murdoch operation will end up in the garbage dumpster anyway.

And won't that be a great day for civil society.
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