Saturday, February 07, 2009

Cruisin' the Net

Mayor Bloomberg is doubtless quaking in his boots, faced with the awe-inducing threat of teachers wearing blue next week. As if that's not bad enough, his friends may have to resort to domestic caviar this season.

Circuit City is closing, and suggesting its former locations be used as schools. You may recall that, in a cost-cutting measure, CC simply fired all its higher-paid employees, inspiring Joel Klein, Al Sharpton, and "reformers" everywhere:
As soon as you move in there, they'll fire all the teachers and replace them with 11th graders who'll work part-time in exchange for minimum wage and cafeteria discount.

Why does Ms. Cornelius have to put up with a kid who makes her class impossible, and a mandated aide who doesn't show up, in the name of "socialization?"

Could Maverick Johny McCain have selected staff even worse than Sarah Palin? Perhaps.

Weirdo radical Diane Ravitch thinks the NYC Schools Chancellor should represent schoolchildren rather than the billionaire mayor.

GW Bush got us into endless, pointless war, blew the surplus, bankrupted the country, and made things even worse by giving huge tax breaks to those who least needed them. But Barack Obama doesn't even delete his expletives.

Not to be outdone, newly-elected RNC chair Michael Steele reveals his Senate campaign paid his sister's defunct company for services that were never performed. On a side note, I'd like to point out that I am also available to not perform various services, and my prices are very flexible.

A teacher suspended in Texas (a "right to work" state) for being atheistic and too liberal, has resigned.
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