Saturday, December 13, 2008

No Library for You

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg has vowed to place "Children First." That's why, when the budget must be cut, they're the first to feel the ax. Now placing children first entails placing them anywhere and everywhere, and whether or not there's space enough to accommodate them is of no consequence whatsoever. That's why there's no space for school libraries in some of the poorest sections of the Bronx.
"We don't have room for one," said Lureta Jones, PTA president at Public School 16 in Wakefield. "We have so many kids, we have to use the space for classrooms."

After all, there's no money to build schools, and no money to rent space. This is perfectly logical. The city's already spent a bundle on a new Yankee Stadium, and has 500 million tied up in Willet's Point, so someone's got to suffer.

As usual, in Mayor Bloomberg's New York, it's "Children First."
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