Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Adios, Summer School

Gotham Schools reports that, in an effort to save the all-important $400 tax credit for city homeowners, the City Council wants to cut another 80 million bucks from the DoE budget. And since teachers are already overpaid and underworked, they want us to do jury duty in the summer. And no, that doesn't count the two August days in which you get to hear about the evils of lateness and the various reasons why you must pass every child who has a pulse.

So it's goodbye to that cushy summer job teaching all the kids who managed to fail despite rampant lowering of standards. No more fighting over that single functional copying machine. No more 90 minute classes with no break whatsoever in between.

It's time for you to do your civic duty, and no more being subsidized by the city. So what if you lose a large portion of your income? The City Council needs every cent they can muster to buy the votes of homeowners, who don't want to fritter away their hard-earned cash educating the children of this city.
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