Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Worthy Petition...

...courtesy of Pissed Off Teacher, or you can just sign here.

Don't miss the NY Times Blog commenting on the rumors of NYC Schools Chancellor Joel Klein's possible appointment as Secretary of Education. One of Klein's Tweedies trots out the old canard about interests of adults running counter to interests of children. This would be more effective, of course, had Klein and Bloomberg not spent the last half-dozen years packing children in like sardines into trailers, toxic waste sites, and other dreary corners of our fair city. And while Chancellor Klein can certainly lay claim to the accomplishment of making things worse for working people, his spokesperson once again fails to note that working people are what the bulk of NYC's 1.1 million kids will grow up to become.

I've been largely silent on this, as I doubt President-elect Obama really wants to make such a boneheaded appointment. Working people have it tough enough in this country, and I honestly think he knows it. I also think Klein's ascent would produce more scrutiny on his record, which would be damaging not only to the PR myth he and Mayor Mike have been promoting, but also to the credibility of the new President-elect.

However, the petition is well worth signing. I've spoken to some who think moving up the chancellor will give NYC a break. If you believe that, let me assure you Mayor-for-life Mike Bloomberg can always find someone as bad or worse.
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