Thursday, November 13, 2008

Teachers Lose Even More Executive Perks

Traveling Teacher just emailed me a school announcement regarding DoE policy. Apparently the Tweedies, in their infinite wisdom, have decreed all travel expenses must be declared 30 days before said travel begins. If, for example, you find you need to eat while on safari for Joel Klein, you must declare exactly how much it will cost you at the restaurant your group selects. The memo was not clear on how much tip it deemed appropriate.

Furthermore, should you find yourself in, say, New York City, you need to submit your parking expenses 30 days in advance. "I plan to spend one hour and fourteen minutes at that location, and at $24.63 per hour, that comes to precisely..." Perhaps this will work for math teachers with crystal balls.

What about travel expenses, though? If, for example, I require four gallons of gas at $2.55 per, then I have to requistion $10.20 from the frugal Tweedies. But what if gas hits 4 bucks again between then and now? Am I stuck paying the difference? If it goes down 30 cents, will the black-suited Tweedie patrol hunt me down like a dog until I cough up that buck-twenty?

It doesn't matter much to me, since the most I ever travel on the DoE's dime is never. But what will this mean to attendance teachers, or others who visit homes?

I don't much envy them right now.
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