Monday, October 27, 2008

The Unreceptive Parent

I often call homes, and frequently advise colleagues to do the same. Sometimes they do. Other times they don't want to. Sometimes they tell me it doesn't work. Rarely, though, do I hear stories like this one:

Cheri Fry, 30, is accused of screaming profanities, threats and racial slurs at Traner Middle School Principal Lauren Ford during a discussion about her son's involvement in a fight.

Police said that while Fry was being transported to jail, she said she wanted to punch the principal in the mouth "so you really have something to arrest me for."

David Coleman, 46, is accused of using profanity and making threats during a Monday phone call from his daughter's teacher at Hug High School in Reno.

Some parents don't want to hear anything negative about their kids, I guess. And I suppose it's no surprise that their kids are just that much more likely to get into trouble at school. Why shouldn't they, if Mom and Dad are unlikely to acknowledge, let alone respond to, anyone claiming they're at fault for anything?

I suppose I've been lucky not to have my life threatened the many times I reported kids' progress to their parents. Have you ever been threatened by a parent, other than your own?

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