Monday, October 13, 2008

Tomorrow's Neocons

This is an important article. Here's a conservative, in the New York Post, saying McCain, now that his aura is fading, was wrong for the Republicans--he's not a true conservative. Also, President Bush is at fault for not following true conservative ideals. Now it's true that some conservatives, notably Andrew Sullivan (who has long supported Obama), have been saying such things sincerely for some time.

Nonetheless, the majority of prominent conservatives have been very public supporters of President Bush and his ruinous policies. They championed the Iraq war, and called us unpatriotic for opposing it. They claim the surge has worked as though a less violent war is a success, even if the war itself is as pointless and endless as ever.

They supported the deregulation that's led us to the current financial meltdown. They supported tax cuts for those who least needed them, whatever the status of the economy, even as they mortgaged the future of our children. They fought tooth and nail to ensure Americans wouldn't have the health benefits available in other industrialized nations, and made sure that Medicare prescription benefits helped the drug companies rather than the taxpayers.

But now they need an out. And what is it? Of course, it's acknowledging the massive failures of GW Bush, but preposterously claiming they took no part in it. In fact, the guy who wrote this article also authored an anti-Obama book--but now that it appears not to have been effective, is pointing his finger at ol' Maverick Johny, the person his party selected as its standard-bearer.

In the coming Obama presidency, we'll see a lot of this finger-pointing and denial, as the GOP blames Democrats in general, and President Obama in particular, for the mess its own policies have created. The right-wing talking heads will talk it up just as eagerly they've taken up the cause of Maverick Johny and his unending smear campaign.

But it's nonsense now, and it will be nonsense then too.
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