Thursday, October 16, 2008

Now Even More Mavericky

Last night Maverick Johny outdid himself. After opposing the GI Bill, the one that granted our military men and women more realistic college benefits (which passed despite his opposition), after voting against GI benefits at least 28 times, he finally found something for them to do. Let's make them teachers, he said, and let's get rid of all that nasty certification and education required to do the job.

It's remarkable how many people think that a six-week course, or no six-week course, or reading a pamphlet or standing on one's head qualifies someone to teach 34 teenagers at a time five times a day. Frankly, I don't think MJ himself is up to the task.

I certainly don't begrudge GIs the right to become teachers, though. That's why, unlike Maverick Johny, I strongly supported the bill that would give them a college education, so that they could become teachers, or whatever else they so richly deserve a chance at.

But the thing that really caught my attention was when MJ spoke about that old "health of the mother" nonsense the liberals kept rolling out. Why would that nasty Barack Obama insist on protecting the health of the mother when there were fetuses to be protected? Can't we just let mothers drop dead so that fetuses can come into the world unblemished?

Because that's what the GOP is all about. We'll stick with you right up until you're born, but from there on in, you're on your own, kid (unless you're an investment bank or something). No health care for you. Unqualified inexperienced incompetent teachers, but let's hope at least they aren't unionized. Perish forbid that nasty Barack Obama should open up the health plan US government employees have to Joe Sixpack, Joe the Plumber, or any of the regular Joes Maverick Johny supposedly pals around with while driving his 13 cars between his nine homes.

But at least we know MJ will stick with ya right up to and including the moment you're born. It's high time we elected a President who cared about what happens next.
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