Saturday, October 18, 2008

Maverick Johny's Target Audience

When I teach kids to write, I always tell them to keep their audience in mind. You can't address your friends the same way you address your English teachers, especially when they're reading your compositions.

So who is it Maverick Johny is looking to impress with his talk about the evils of taxes? Barack Obama has a plan that will reduce the taxes of everyone earning less than $250,000 a year. He doesn't appear to be courting the resentful billionaire segment of our population, and neither does MJ. So who is Maverick John trying to persuade?

It appears he's after the same folks who actually believe Bill O'Reilly is looking out for them, and yes, that includes Joe the plumber. Never mind that Joe isn't actually a plumber, that he doesn't make nearly $250,000 a year, that he doesn't own the company he talks about (or have any realistic chance of buying it), that he doesn't pay the taxes he already owes, or that his first name isn't even Joe (Maverick Johny's vetting process is less than perfect).

Still, some day, Joe the plumber might own this company. In fact, he might become a billionaire. Maybe he'll win the lottery. Or maybe he'll find a machine that can core a apple, produce a successful infomercial, and become wealthy overnight. Hope springeth eternal, and that's the sort of hope Limbaugh, Hannity, and O'Reilly want you to foster. Never mind the reality-47 million Americans without health insurance, the flat income, the jobs shipped overseas, or all those folks going bankrupt due to catastrophic medical emergency.

Have Americans finally had enough of their divisive nonsense? It's hard to say. Maverick John is now making robocalls of the same sort he found so despicable when they were used against him. He's given up his integrity and dumped his "straight talk" in favor of whatever desperate nonsense might propel him over that awful Barack Obama.

Has America wised up, or are we still a nation of Ralph Kramdens? I'm hoping for the former, but only time will tell. And the day after Election Day will only be the beginning.
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