Wednesday, October 08, 2008

How Much Is the Fine?

That's what Maverick Johny asked Obama last night. How much is the fine? What if businesses don't provide health insurance? Will they be fined? Hardball reported small businesses would be exempt. Should big businesses get away with not insuring their employees? Who is Maverick Johny looking out for?

Barack Obama replied that he wanted all children to have health insurance. Apparently he's going to insist on it. He said it was not expensive, and that SCHIP, which Maverick Johny voted against, could help (and when Obama's President, he won't veto it, like Maverick John's bud, GW).

But Maverick Johny boldly pressed on with his question about the fine. After all, why should parents have to pay fines, simply because they don't view their children's health or physical well-being as priorities?

For once, I agreed with MJ. They shouldn't have to pay fines.

They should be in prison. Or someplace worse.
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