Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Fix Is In

Mayor Bloomberg is busy working out a deal with fellow gazillionaire Ronald Lauder. Mr. Bloomberg, who feels himself to be indispensable, wants to extend term limits to three terms. Mr. Bloomberg finds it too cumbersome to consult with the voters, who decided (twice) two terms would be enough.

You may recall Mr. Lauder ran for mayor against Saint Rudy. After losing, he made sure Rudy's sainthood would last no more than eight years by putting his money behind a term limits referendum that won by a huge margin. However, Mr. Lauder now wants term limits extended only for Mayor Mike. Mr. Lauder apparently believes in the best democracy money can buy, and has already sunk millions into his deeply held convictions, the convictions he holds always. Except, of course, now, when he breaks them.

Doubtless they can work out something. Mayor Mike has already agreed that, after he and Lauder defy the public will, Mr. Lauder can be on a commision and decide what's good for the public. The results of Mr. Lauder's decision, however. will not take effect until his buds no longer reside in Gracie Mansion.
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